148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Barnsley Cadets Gain Air Rifle Marksman

Congratulations to Cdt Daniel Sayles and Cdt Katie Booth on passing their Blue Marksman Badge on the Scorpion Air Rifle. This follows a package of training that has been delivered by our Squadron Shooting Officer, CI Melia.

In order to earn the badge, a cadet must complete a Cadet Live Firing Exercises or CLFs. In order to gain the Blue Marksman, cadets must score 150 point or more firing 20 rounds at 10 individual targets (2 at each).

The badge symbolises all the practices the cadets have attended and worked towards. We wish them the best of luck progressing through the cadet shooting syllabus to earn higher level Marksman’s on more advanced weapons.