148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Barnsley Cadets Learn About the Police Force

Recently, Flt Sgt Banks did a talk with us about what she does in her career outside the Air cadets being a member in West-Yorkshire police. We had a talk about the training of the Police and what potential police officers have to go through to become an officer. This included learning about her time during the training school based in Wakefield.  The police even had a bit where it was an indoor type of town and they practiced their roles.

Some police have special phones to record data on and a note pad to write things down they also get their next assignment from the phone. The phone has a protective case so the data wouldn’t be ruined if it gets damaged. Some officers sit behind desks and do a heavy amount of paperwork, not all officers are the ones you see in the cars and driving around the local area. They have many not doing that job; most of them are running working behind the scenes.  After that we had a talk about what police wear out and about doing their role and I got chosen to wear some of the equipment, such as the shock resistant armour that went under the other jacket along with a belt that carries things like handcuffs. It was quite heavy! I imagined trying to run in about thirty degrees and I think I wouldn’t be able to I’d probably get heat stroke!  A couple of minutes later I sat back down feeling much lighter and cooler.

After more talk about the gadget’s, Flt Sgt Banks got some people to come to the front and try the handcuffs on.  At the end we asked some questions to Flt Sgt Banks then we thanked her for everything she told us about the West-Yorkshire police. Thank you Flight Sergeant Banks for the police talk, it was nice to hear about other job opportunities in the area.

By Cdt Ruby Rushforth