148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Blue Badge Leadership Course

On the 12th of January, a Blue Badge Leadership Day was held for cadets at 148 (Barnsley) Squadron. 10 Cadets attended the course to develop their leadership skills and earn the Blue Leadership Badge. 

The day was ran by the Squadrons Cadet SNCO team, and was overseen by staff. Cadets learnt about the SMEAC principles and how to succeed when completing leadership tasks. After the initial lesson, the cadets were straight into leading their own tasks. The cadets were split into two groups of five and rotated round the first 5 tasks and then swapped after lunch. Throughout the day, the cadets had completed 10 leadership tasks and all earned their badges. Below are some of the tasks they had to complete. 

“The task I was asked to lead was the mine field task. We had to get through the field without stepping on the wrong squares however we didn’t know ones were safe or active. So it was sort of an educated guess of the next square.” – Cdt Warrington 

“The task I was set to lead was ‘The Shepherd’. I had to get my group to the other side while they was blindfolded. I couldn’t move from were I was stood at the side of the gate. But they couldn’t go straight towards my voice so I had to give them directions to where to go. My idea was to get them all in a line with hands on shoulders so they knew that someone is infront of them. And then that just walked forward.” – Cdt Doughty 

“The task I was asked to lead was to build a bridge 1.5m long and self standing just out of 10 pieces of paper. The first thing we did after planning was exchanging ideas and creating a plan. After that we began to build it but found flaws in our original plan so we found a way to overcome the problem thus working on our communication skills. Even though we failed the task we were able to reflect upon what went wrong and improve for future tasks. We were learning all the time!!” – Cdt Ellam 

A huge congratulations goes out to all attended and passed the course! Also, a thank you goes out to Sgt Butler, who created the plan for the day! Well Done Sergeant, a good use of your own leadership skills to help younger cadets achieve!