148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Bronze Flying Wings for Barnsley Air Cadet

Earlier this year I was awarded my Bronze A/G Wings. The requirements for this was to complete the Blue part of the syllabus and to then complete the Bronze PTT (flight simulator) as well as multiple sorties in a powered aircraft, or a glider for G Wings. 

I conducted the flights mostly 9AEF at RAF Linton-On-Ouse and the PTT section of the syllabus at RAF Topcliffe. It expands on the basic principles/controls of flight which includes roll, pitch and yaw. It then goes onto further affects of controls, demo winch launch, datum attitude, stability, and landing. Then I was able to put these learnt skills into real flying. It may seem challenging in the beginning but it all comes together and becomes quite interesting as you learn how different aspects of flight connect and come together to ensure effective and safe flying. 

I am currently going through my silver wings at RAF Topcliffe/RAF Syerston as part of my gliding scholarship on the Vikings. As a huge aviation enthusiastic, I love flying and I love having the opportunity to experience flight and also learn the execution of it. Whether you enjoy flying as hobby or are considering it as a career path, the PTS gives great chances to fly and I encourage all cadets to partake in any opportunities offered. I look forward to the flights I have in the future and to move onto my silver wings! 

by CWO Shannon Copeland