148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Cadets Complete Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award

On the 6th-7th of July myself and 5 other cadets completed our bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition section. I originally felt nervous, due to the possibility of spending my weekend lost in the cold, wet Yorkshire fields. However I am delighted to have had a great experience of a somewhat leisurely walk in the beautiful countryside. 

On the first day we headed to our overnight campsite. Our day consisted of highs and lows, the best points were the few hundred metres before our late lunch break spot when the campsite was in view in the distance. 
On our second day we set off in high hopes and dreams of staying in our own bed that night. However we made a wrong directional choice about 10 minutes after we set off. We soon got back on track after retracing our steps and using our training to recover. That day our goal was to reach Cannonhall farm, a whole adventure in itself.

We saw plenty of wildlife (mostly cows and a rogue rat) on our travels, who sometimes hindered our progress as we would stop for pictures. Or due to them obstructing our path. Nethertheless, I enjoyed my many laughs and the whole experience as it is hopefully the first step in my dofe journey. We would like to thank the staff supporting our expedition.