148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Cadets Complete Bronze Leadership Course

On the 7th April cadets attended the final phase of a Bronze Badge Leadership Course, held at 148 (Barnsley) Squadron. We arrived at 0900 to get through a busy day, which was well-worth attending!  Up until Lunchtime at around 1300, we went through numerous interactive PowerPoints; learning the ins-and-outs of what the Bronze Leadership Course entailed. This included some very fascinating and key topics – from what characteristics a good leader holds to how a good leader addresses his/her team in order to perform a desired task. 

After lunch, we focused heavily on the practical side, completing multiple tasks with basic equipment such as rope, cones, a dummy and some buckets. It was challenging but very fun at the same time!  The Bronze Leadership course – which follows the Blue Leadership course – is well worth attending in my opinion and I will recommend doing it to anyone whom is eligible to do so.  Thanks to Pilot Officer Jackson and the Squadron Leadership trainers for giving their time to train us. 

Cdt Tom Crawford