148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Cadets Go Mountain Biking

On the 3rd of February I went Mountain Biking with the Squadron around the local area.

When I put my name of the list for Mountain biking I was nervous as I had not been on my bike for some time. I was also excited as it was a new challenge for me, and as the Staff and Senior NCOs have advised us to try everything as you only get out what you put in!

The ride was really good. We met at squadron at early so then we could carry out our bike safety checks, after that we then set off on our ride and the route took us on the Trans-Penine Trail. We went to Stairfoot, Wombwell and Worsbrough. The route consisted of parts of road and trail riding which were both equally exciting, and everyone in the group had a go at navigating and leading different sections of the route with support from the staff.

We then stopped off at Wigfield farm for lunch and then went back on the road, up a steep hill behind Locke park and then to squadron! The hill was a real challenge so after giving it a good go on the bike, I decided to get off and push my bike for a short while. It was good to spend time with the cadets and do something new and push myself. I am proud of myself for doing this as at first I was thinking it was not for me. So I will be on the next bike ride!

Thanks very much to the staff that gave up there time for this fantastic opportunity!

By Cdt Katie Booth