148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets

Parents & Guardians

Why Air Cadets?

What makes the Air Cadets different from other organisations?

You can ask any cadet or member of staff and they will tell you about their experiences and achievements during their time with the ACO. The ACO is unique as it offers young adults from all areas of society with a chance to make new friends, learn valuable life skills and take part in exciting activities in a safe controlled environment.

Under the guidance of our fully qualified volunteer staff we offer your son or daughter many activities to take part in and every opportunity to build their strengths and improve their confidence. We hope that they stay with us for several years and thoroughly enjoy their membership ‚our volunteer staff are always on hand to assist parents with any questions or concerns.

Being a cadet does not interfere with school commitments and cadets will develop skills that will assist them within education such as time-keeping and the ability to voice their own opinions and challenge the status-quo. These skills are also valuable in later life both in education and also in the workplace, the cadets really does help prepare you for life.

Parental Responsibilities

Cadets are provided with uniform, apart from shoes (advice of where to purchase them rom will be given). We encourage the Cadets to be responsible for keeping their uniform in good order. There will come a point in their cadet career when your son/daughter will not allow you to touch their uniform as they want to iron it in a particular way‚ However, you are responsible for their uniform, which is valued at over £200 to replace and is issued on loan, it should only be used for air cadet activities and must be returned at the end of their time with us. If uniform is purposefully damaged you may be responsible for the cot, but outgrowing or waring out uniform is free of charge.