148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


YFA Course 29th and 30th August  2023

On the 29th and 30th of July, myself and 10 other cadets completed a St Johns Ambulance Youth First Aid course in order to qualify for the bronze first aid badge. Over the weekend, we learned how to do a primary survey, CPR, how to carry out a secondary survey and put a casualty into recovery position, how to treat climatic injuries, burns and scalds, insect stings, anaphylaxis, minor and major bleeds, and embedded objects. We also learned how to approach and reassure casualties, treat for shock, how to make use of a bystander and gather information to make the all-important emergency call.

After learning about all these things, we put our new skills into practice across the weekend where we conducted key first aid procedures working in small groups. Practise sessions focussed mainly on, primary and secondary survey, unconscious breathing casualty, and an unconscious non-breathing casualty.  

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this course and am confident in my new skills as a first aider. I would like to thank all staff for giving up their time and teaching us these vital life skills. I would encourage all cadets to undertake a first aid course and learn new skills as it was thoroughly enjoyable and has inspired me to learn more and hopefully, I will progress to the next stage in my cadet first aid training when I am eligible for the next course. Thanks to the Squadron and Wing staff who made this possible.  

Cdt Hays