148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Cpl Ellam Gains Silver Leadership Badge

On the 16th of February, myself and Cpl Crawford attended the Silver leadership Course assessment day at South and West Yorkshire Wing headquarters. The day commenced with a theory test on knowledge we had gained at an earlier date, ensuring we understood the key principles of what is required from a leader. After that we started our practical assessments where we were split into two syndicates and for each task we had an appointed leader.

The brief was given to the leader of the task, then it was our job to use methods (including SMEAC) to effectively present the problem and how we are going to solve it. This was a great bonding experience as we had our ranks removed from us and allowed the tasks to be carried out without a contradiction of who leads in addition to seeing other leadership styles in practice. 

Once we carried out the task, we had group debrief and reflected upon our own actions with both followership and leadership. At the end of the day we were put into four groups with the task of building a wheelbarrow out of the STEM building kits in the hope of beating the other teams in transporting glasses of water around a course, which was rather funny to see how our creations held up. 

Overall the day was both enjoyable and a great learning experience allowing us to enhance our ability to lead as well as bring these lessons back to squadron.  Many thanks to the staff who supported the day.

Cpl Sophie Ellam