148 (Barnsley) Squadron

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Barnsley Cadets and Staff Attend Silver Instructional Leadership Course

On Saturday 11th December 2020, myself and Cpl Sophie Ellam met at South and West Yorkshire Wing Headquarters, alongside sixteen other cadets from across our wing (South & West Yorkshire), to begin part one of the course that would enable us to gain our Silver Badge Leadership Qualification.

Beginning at 0900, this particular day was mainly theory orientated – classroom-based lessons running us through what makes a good team and what various roles a team incorporates.

The four instructors – who interchanged throughout the day – were passionate and keen on the leadership topic, delivering professionally an exciting course regarding prioritisation within a given task, team qualities, and differences between management and leadership just to name a few key areas.

After lunch, we were taken through interactive tests on personality types Рand were taught of how to spot certain key gestures within people’s actions. Furthermore, we were educated about sighting not-so-obvious gestures on someone with regards to how they feel at that moment and how engaged they are in conversations.

Thank you to the instructors and wing staff who ensured an average classroom-based course was actually delivered in a fun manner with engaging activities throughout the day – especially to CI Owen from our Squadron, who accompanied us on the course as well as delivering a large section of it, too. I look forward to hearing information regarding part two of the course.

By Cpl Tom Crawford